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From Multifunction Displays and Radars to Engine System Monitoring and Thermal Cameras, we have you covered. Electronics is the first and foremost specialty of Sea & Land Yacht Works, and with our crew of trained and certified technicians we help with installations or troubleshooting no matter how big or small. Additionally, with our knowledge and experience with all of the latest and greatest products on the market, we will work with you directly to ensure all of your electronic and navigation needs are being meet and installed in a manner that best suites how you use your boat.


Having a safe and reliable electrical system on your boat is critical to keeping your family and crew safe on the water. Electrical system design and the technology used on boats has changed greatly over the years, and the experience from a knowledgeable technician is critical to making the correct decisions with electrical equipment selection and installation decisions.  From electrical systems design to full electrical rewires and troubleshooting, Sea & Land Yacht Works is here to help.


Keeping the water out and boat steering is key to any happy day on the water. Whether your boat requires a new seacock, a compete steering overhaul, or a water maker installation, our team of certified technicians can help. 


Are you looking to elevate your yachting experience with cutting-edge technology and sustainable power? Sea & Land Yacht Works specializes in bespoke electronics and lithium battery system designs tailored specifically to your vessel. Our expertise lies in creating seamless, integrated systems that not only enhance operational efficiency and safety but also ensure your yacht is equipped with the latest in energy-efficient technology. From personalized schematics to expert implementation, we're dedicated to transforming your yacht into a model of modern luxury and sustainability. Let Sea & Land Yacht Works chart your course to a more sophisticated and eco-friendly yachting future.


Custom fabrication is key to making any electronic, electrical, or system installation look as if it was OEM. From CNC to 3D printing to carpentry, we pride ourselves with having the skills, equipment, and tools to design and build any component that your custom installation requires. 

Annual Maintenance

Don't let our specialty in Yacht Systems fool you, as Sea & Land Yacht Works can be your one stop shop for all of your yearly maintenance and installation needs. Since the beginning of the business, we have been winterizing and commissioning our clients' boats to ensure they are in proper working order to optimize their boating seasons. 


As the global leader in marine stabilization, Seakeeper’s innovative technology changes the boating experience by eliminating up to 95 percent of all boat roll. Seakeeper has developed a growing range of models suitable for boats over 23 feet, with both DC and AC power options available.

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