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At Sea & Land Yacht Works, we pride ourselves with the ability to provide installations that in the end look as though they were OEM and original to the boat. To provide such services, we have a fully equipped fabrication shop that allows us the ability to design and fabricate any bracket, fixture, acrylic dash or electrical panel specific to the installation needs of your boat.


Fabrication Services Provided:

  • Acrylic CNC Dash Fabrication

  • CNC Custom Switch/Breaker Panels

  • Custom 3D Printed Parts 

  • Marine Carpentry

  • Solar Panel Canvas Integration

  • Stainless Steel Polishing

  • Fiberglass mold/plug construction

Sea & Land Yacht Works also has partnered with several metal fabrication shops to produce any custom brackets, solar frames, or fixtures required for any custom installation.

For further questions or comments regarding these services please contact us directly. 

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