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Service Policy

Mobile repair and installation work is billed at $145/hr, with a 2 hour minimum, and deposits are required on all new installations. If more than one technician is required for a job, billable hours are for the total cumulative man-hours worked. Any work outside of our standard service area of 20 miles will be billed at $1.25 per mile. Travel time for jobs within our standard service area is not billed, and the our job clock starts as soon as we arrive at the location of the vessel.


All installations and service calls require a valid credit card number to be on file. If payment has not been received after 30 days of completion of requested service your credit card on file will be billed the invoice amount plus a 3% Service Fee. Please note there could be MARINA FEES separate from our charges. It is the policy of Sea and Land Services to only install equipment that we have sold to you.

Withholding of payment shall not be an acceptable form of dispute resolution. In the event that the Owner and Sea and Land Yacht Works are unable to agree on the amount due for work performed or services rendered, such disagreement shall be settled as follows: Any complaint about the quality, adequacy or totality of work performed shall obligate Sea and Land Yacht Works to nothing more than the correcting of such validly demonstrated defects at no additional cost to the Owner. Any claim of unreasonable charges shall entitle the Owner solely to a detailed written and itemized accounting of the charges. Owner accepts full financial responsibility for returning the Boat to Sea and Land Yacht Works for complaints to be assessed and repairs, if any, to be made. In cases in which work is performed by another company to repair an alleged inadequacy of Sea and Land Yacht Works’s work, excluding repairs that are immediately necessary to the safety and welfare of the Boat and its crew, that work shall indisputably release Sea and Land Yacht Works from any obligation to correct or discount the work initially performed. 

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