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Project Gulfstar - Intro

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Here at Sea & Land Services, we pride ourselves with being able to provide our clients and customers with the best solution to meet their needs, wants, and create solutions to make their boats safer, more enjoyable, reliable and easier to use. But, like everyone else, we feel much more comfortable when we are able to see and touch these solutions before making any final decisions, especially when it comes to making expensive upgrades to our boats. With this need in mind, Project Gulfstar was born.

During the Spring of 2020, we were fortunate enough to acquire this beautiful 1977 Gulfstar 37. Designed by Vince & Richard Lazzarra, the Gulfstar 37 was a fiberglass mast headed sloop with a fin and skeg rudder keel. Gulfstar as a company had a very complicated history, but the 37 was designed and built during the companies "second era", a time known for exceptional craftsmanship, beautiful teak interiors, and well constructed fiberglass hulls. As a one owner boat, our Gulfstar was well cared for, but technologically she was a bit behind the times; ie the perfect test platform. And as such, Project Gulfstar will be our official test and demo platform to showcase and test new technologies in the marine industry, demonstrate just what it takes to bring an "old boat" up to speed, and finally give you an opportunity to see first hand the types of solutions we can provide for your own boat.

The following Project Gulfstar blog posts will touch on the installation process of new electronics, batteries systems, DC & AC electrical systems, solar, and marine system upgrades required to bring a good old boat to the modern era.

We hope you enjoy the following blog articles and inspire you to give your own boat some love. Please give us a call if you have any questions or if you would like us to implement any of these solutions to your boat.


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